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“It’s all fake” : the new campaign from IRACM

The International Institute Against Counterfeit Medicines (IRACM) is launching a new international awareness campaign about counterfeit medicines on Internet. "It’s all fake" is the new message that the institute is seeking to promote in the next step of the nationwide campaign launched in France on July 2015, What in the world is a fake medicine? 1, and through the dissemination of an information booklet to make people aware of the fake medicines available on Internet, and that are also bought when travelling.

9 / 09

Technology against falsified medicine

Techonological advances can and must be used to battle falsified medicine. What can they offer those involved in protecting patients' health?

9 / 09

Donating unused medicine, a good deed or a dangerous one?

Every year, in economically developed countries, tens of thousands of tons of medication are left unused at the end of treatments or because they have expired. Donating these products to developing countries is laudable but is it truly beneficial?


A year of conflict ruins the benefits of 10 years of peace.

"Rally so that peace may prevail over factors of war."