• Tribune de Marc Gentilini

    Le trafic des faux médicaments doit être endigué par une coopération internationale et une harmonisation règlementaire !

  • Faux médicaments : pour une approche intégrée

    La fondation Chirac, l'IFPMA et DIA ont organisé un séminaire sur les faux médicaments le 29 avril 2015 à Dakar rassemblant professionnels de la santé et des affaires règlementaires

24 / 05

General causes of counterfeit medical products

Counterfeit medical products are a scourge whose exponential development is threatening the health of hundreds of thousands of people across the globe.

13 / 05

Key players in the fight against falsified medication

A growing number of organizations and associations of all sorts are involved in the fight against falsified medical products. Here are a few of the most important actors in the battle.

4 / 05

What is inside falsified medication?

Insufficient active ingredients, no active ingredients, toxic and even lethal products… What does falsified medication really contain?


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