16 / 07

Fight The Fakes welcomes 11 new partners

Following the campaign’s six-month anniversary, Fight the Fakes is proud to announce eleven new partners, bringing the total number of member organizations to twenty-five. New partners, representing wholesalers, pharmacists, mobile app services, coalitions for consumer protection and generic pharmaceutical manufactures,...

16 / 07

Panzi : Dr Denis Mukwege talks of his battle in a thought provoking book

The 2013 laureate of the Fondation Chirac Prize for Conflict Prevention offers a new account of his work in Kivu, where he tirelessly helps female victims of sexual violence. In this region that has been sharply destabilized by political and...

16 / 07

Andrea Riccardi speaks out about Syria and Iraq’s Christians

In an appeal to the city of Alep, on June 18, 2014, Andrea Riccardi called for humanitarian corridors to help evacuate civilians, notably Christians. These corridors would also help dispatch humanitarian aid to a city in dire need; a city...


A year of conflict ruins the benefits of 10 years of peace.

"Rally so that peace may prevail over factors of war."