The importance of raising awareness

The scourge of falsified medicines is rarely featured in the media and is little understood by the general public and political authorities. Becoming aware of the problem is the first, essential step to effectively battle the scourge and to better protect Public Health.

June 5, 2015: World Anti-Counterfeiting day

On June 5, 2015, the Union des fabricants pour la protection internationale de la propriété intellectuelle (UNIFAB) celebrated World Anti-Counterfeiting Day. It is a perfect chance to reiterate the extent of the phenomenon and its associated risks.

Means to fight counterfeit medical products on the Internet

Internet is a major vector of the spread of falsified medical products across the globe. While Interpol is organizing an international conference on the fight against criminal organizations who are increasingly fervent about using new technologies, a range of other means have been implemented to confront the growing presence of counterfeit medical products on the Internet.

Falsified medicines: What types are concerned?

Economically developed countries tend to believe that only "social" or "comfort" drugs ared counterfeited. Reality is quite different. Far from being limited to a single category, counterfeiting extends to all types of drugs. The fact that they are considered vital or subject to mandatory prescription is of little importance to criminals, who only see a highly profitable business opportunity.