The May 18, 2011 meeting on Jacques Chirac and the environment

On May 18, 2011, a work meeting on Jacques Chirac's commitment to the environment was held at the National Assembly. Organized under the initiative of Bertrand Landrieu, President of the "Avec le Président Chirac" association, the day long discussion is the preparatory phase for a future conference on the subject.

The Women of Foumban Against Deforestation

With the support of the ONF International (Office National des Forêts International), the commune of Foumban in Cameroun, has implemented a project that allows women to fight against climate change. The Fondation Chirac applauds and encourages this initiative.

Opinion piece by…

Daniel Nahon: How to feed the world tomorrow? - Former President of the CIRAD and Professor of Biosciences, he outlines the issues raised by the challenge that we must all face together.