In the News – Thursday 30, June 2011

The UN signals the worst drought in 60 years in the Horn of Africa. June 2011 has been branded by a major deficit of rainfall in many parts of the world. Throughout the month, the UN has been constantly sounding the alarm on the unprecedented drought that has struck the Horn of Africa, the eastern tip of the continent.

In the News – Tuesday 21, June 2011

The IRD warns that the Niger River is widening. In a recent article dated June 14, 2011 and visible on the Institute of Research for Development's (IRD) website, research findings are going against popular belief concerning the Niger River.

In the news- Thursday, June 16, 2011

The challenges of climate change, agriculture, and water. Temperature and water have always been closely linked. When the former is derailed, the latter sinks into chaos. Global warming leads to serious consequences for the hydrosphere of our planet.

Access to Water: a Government priority in Haiti

Interview of Jacques Bertrand, Director of the AquaOrbi Association The UN announced that more than a year after the earthquake only 28.7% of the 4.5 billion dollars pledged by international aid has been disbursed; totaling $1.28 billion. Jacques Bertrand, Director of the AquaOrbi Association, assesses the purification project for catchment ponds in the Haitian highlands that the Fondation Chirac supported in 2010.